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Hudson C. Michaels is a published photographer, Navy Vet, Twitch streamer, and was Raised In Oakland, California.

Not every day a person finds their passion in high school, but that is what happened to 14-year-old Hudson Michaels. Raised mainly in Oakland, California, but has lived all over the Bay Area. Hudson found himself taking pictures and editing for the yearbook at 14 and learned he was pretty good at it. But like most people, he did not stick with it; after graduation, Hudson joined the Navy and after serving active duty, attending college, and traveling for 24 years of traveling
Hudson found himself behind the camera again in 2018 and has been pursuing photography professionally ever since.


Hudson has been published with Dreamy Magzine, Dezire Magazine, Pacific Northwest Modeling Magazine, Cosplayzine, and others. Hudson has also worked with The City of Seattle, Microsoft, Seattle Pride, Chance Fashion, Emerald City Comic Con, and Geek Girl Con. Being on the spectrum, Hudson needs to find normalcy and peace, so before shoots, he likes to take time to himself and withdraw a little bit to ensure his social meter is up to par. To do this, he will spend less time on social media, and only talk to his children or immediate family; he will also indulge in his other hobbies like Twitch. His favorite pictures to take are editorial and portraits.


Hudson will stream himself editing photos, playing video games, completing artwork, and drawing when he isn't behind the camera or preparing for a shoot. Hudson also enjoys spending time with his two boys, teaching them photography, playing, and taking naps in the living room forts.


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